Zutphen: tour of a medieval town

Today we visited an old town called Zutphen, which is one of the most historic towns in The Netherlands. It still has the medieval street layout and is very beautiful. After a lie in and a late breakfast we drove 35 minutes to the town. It was raining a little when we arrived and parked in the camperplaats but, shortly afterwards, the weather turned out to be beautiful again. We bought a map guide from tourist information and set off to explore the little streets and cobbled lanes.

The town is located at the confluence of the River Berkel with the IJssel and has many interesting and beautiful buildings dating back to the 11th Century. There are remnants of the town’s old defensive walls, towers and gatehouses as well as a fortified harbour. I wanted to take the packraft out on the Berkel but John wasn’t keen, and I suppose he’s right… We probably didn’t have enough time.

We enjoyed coffees and cakes at a 100 year old cafe, sitting in the sun watching the world go by: then we continued our walk. Afterwards, we had a lovely Italian lunch and glasses of wine in the main square before walking back to Bertie, the campervan. We’d parked by a lake and on our return there were lots of geese with their goslings on the bank. They’re so cute!

Back at the Hoge Veluwe campsite we sat for a while, relaxing in the sun. However, after a while it started to rain so we came inside the van. Everywhere smells lovely and fresh now. And we love the sound of rain on the roof. John cooked steak for dinner while I phoned my mum, and we’re now relaxing with a cup of tea before bed. Tomorrow we start to make our way back towards Rotterdam and home, but first we have a couple more days of adventure 😊

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