A lazy day and a little rain

Nothing much to report from Wednesday. We did very little apart from some shopping, and checking our kit for part 3 of our trip. Anne, Mark, Rob and Ben are flying out to Geneva on Sunday and we’re doing Tour du Mont Blanc together. We’ll need to carry all our kit between refuges and hotels for 11/12 days so we got everything out of the boxes in the boot and checked it against the kit list.

Other than that… cheese and bread for lunch under the awning in a rain shower, which thankfully didn’t last long. Then a meal out in the evening with 4 other families… the Streets, the Filzeks, the Moorcrofts and the Sewells.

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  1. John posted to me a link to your blog during your Wales long bike ride as you were passing through Ponty! Great read about adventures, inspiring!
    Hope the ride goes well, good weather and a good bike seat needed!

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