Marksburg Castle & Braubach

We had a lovely night’s sleep and, on waking, ate breakfast, tidied Bertie, paid the bill and set off for Germany. After we left, our first stop was Lidl. We couldn’t shop before we left home because, since Brexit, we can’t take dairy products, meat or fruit and veg into Europe. That said, we did end up taking milk because we had a couple of pints left after eating our cereal before we caught the ferry!

Before we got back on the motorway, we took a detour for petrol. This led to our only drama of the day when we nearly got stuck on a level crossing. Thankfully Bertie got under the barrier in time and, with a full fridge and a full tank of diesel, we drove into Germany.

After about two hours, we reached Braubach where I’d selected a potential campsite. We liked the looked of it and they had room for us, so we’re now parked up on a pitch overlooking the Rhine, watching huge ships sail past.

Marksburg is an impressive castle, which is the only medieval castle in the region that has never been destroyed. Built in 1117, it’s situated high on a hill above the town, with great views over the river.

We enjoyed wandering around the many buildings, although we didn’t understand a word the German tour guide said.

We took the zig zagging path back down the hillside and had a wander round Braubach.

It’s a very pretty town with lots of half timbered buildings. John was hoping to find a bar for a beer but, unfortunately they were all closed.

Back at the campsite we sat in the sunshine with a beer and made plans for the next couple of days. Tomorrow we’re going to have a bike ride along the Rhine, using ferries to cross and see another castle, a walled town and, hopefully, more stunning scenery 🙂

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  1. The Rhine and Mosel rivers have so much to offer and when we lived in Germany we’d often take off for the weekend, find a nice “zimmer mit fruhstuck” and have a great weekend, especially during the wine festivals and Octoberfest. Bavaria has always been my favourite part of Germany and as military we had special access to ski lodges during the summer time. Nothing like fresh mountain air, when you come from an industrial area like Nordrhein-Westfalen.

    Anyway, enjoy your holiday, I’m sure you will

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