C2C & Hadrian’s Cycleway: this year’s challenge

It’s raining! I didn’t sign up for that! Today we start our 6-day cycling challenge, with almost 500 kilometres (300 miles) and 4000 metres of ascent ahead of us. That’s about 80 kilometres (50 miles) a day and 700 metres of ascent…. What am I doing?! When we planned the challenge last year, I’d done much more training than I have this year. Thank goodness Ruby Ribble has a motor to help me up the hills!

Starting at Penrith, we are heading from Cumbria, over the Pennines to Sunderland and Newcastle on the C2C, before returning to The Lake District on the Hadrian’s Cycleway way. I am looking forward to it… especially the cafe stops and restaurant dinners… but I hope the weather improves. Arriving at B&Bs cold and wet is no fun!

We were at Bearded Theory Festival over the weekend, which wasn’t the best preparation… 3 days of food, drink and late nights… but lots of fun. We got home yesterday and packed our cycling kit, ready for a quick get away today. Then, after a lovely dinner at my parents’, we had an early night. Now we’re heading up the M6, looking forward to the adventures ahead.

The plan is to leave the car in a safe place in Penrith, which has already been booked, then we’ll change into our cycling gear, load the bikes and set off. It’s a relatively short day today, but has a very long hill. Watch this space to see how we get on.

4 thoughts on “C2C & Hadrian’s Cycleway: this year’s challenge

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  1. Shame about the rainy start. Do hope it improves for you soon. No doubt you’ll thoroughly enjoy yourselves regardless particularly, as you say, with the essential café stops and evening meals out 😁👍🏻Xxx



    1. Thankfully, although the weather was mixed for the trip, overall, it was pretty good, and we had plenty of sunshine as well as some wind and rain. At least we didn’t have wind and rain at the same time! 🙂


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