8 hours driving… with a perfect ending!

I tossed and turned all night on the ferry, finally giving up trying to sleep at 4.30. At 5.30 an announcement came over the tannoy that the restaurant was open for breakfast so we rose and tried to shine. Then it was time to go back to Bertie and disembark.

Bertie with the big boys

Post Brexit, passport control always takes ages and it was another hour before we were on the road. The plan was to get as far as we could before I got too fed up or John got too tired to drive safely. We did well, completing over 750 kilometres and ending up at a lovely spot at Rothsee, south of Nuremberg. We’ve also been to the supermarket so we’ve got plenty of food, and have filled up on diesel too.

We’re staying in a lovely stellplatz costing just 8 euros. It’s situated on a swimming lake and, although we drove through rain for much of the day, the weather is now glorious. We had planned to eat out as it’s been such a long day but the restaurant was closed when we arrived. Not to worry… after a swim in the lake, which was lovely and warm, we had cheese and wine, sitting on the picnic blanket, watching the sunset.. Just perfect! Finally relaxing… our holiday has begun!

Tomorrow we drive to Bad Hofgastein in Austria, which is likely to take about 4 hours. We’re staying there for 5 nights and looking forward to walking and some easy via ferrata.

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