We arrive in Gastein… in the rain!

We woke early and set off to Austria, a journey of around 4 hours. As we got closer to the mountains, it started to rain heavily. I’m not sure what it is about us and Austria, but the same thing happened last time we were here and we ended up leaving after a week and going to France instead, yet our neighbours on the campsite say it’s usually sunny when they visit!

Not long after we arrived, a helicopter kept flying overhead, taking down what we assume are old ski lift pylons… fascinating!

Although we’d rather it wasn’t raining, at least it’s warm. Also, the bad weather has given us chance to relax and make plans for the next 4 days that we’re here in the Gastein valley. We’ve plotted routes for a couple of hikes, and also plan to try out our via ferrata kit for the first time. Tomorrow we have 2 route options for our hike, depending on the weather and how energetic I’m feeling.

Camping Bertahof, our home for the next 5 nights, is very nice, surrounded by mountains, which are now starting to poke through the clouds as the sun is coming out. The facilities are good and everyone’s very friendly. We’ve packed our day packs for tomorrow, hoping for better weather, and are relaxing with a beer, while the pork steaks are cooking.

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