Relaxing in Bad Gastein

It rained all night and the forecast for today wasn’t much better, so we’ve had a relaxing day in Bad Gastein. We got the bus to the top of the town then wandered down the steep streets and along the river to see bits of the Gasteiner Ache that we missed yesterday… the top and middle sections, rather than the bottom.

After all the rain in the night, the waterfalls were even more impressive than they were yesterday. While we were looking at the market stalls in the town centre, it started to rain again. Therefore, we decided to shelter in a restaurant and treat ourselves to a meal. It was delicious!

After lunch, as the rain had stopped again, we wandered through the town, with its grand spa hotels tumbling down the hillside, with the mountains as a backdrop. It’s really very beautiful, but must be the hilliest town we’ve been to, with the steepest streets. Then, having stopped at Spar to top up supplies, we caught the bus back to the campsite.

As we relaxed back at the van, the man from a neighbouring pitch came over to invite us for drinks as his wife is back at their home working and he fancied some company. We found out he’s an Austrian artist and sculptor, and was responsible for a huge sculpture of a bull at the Red Bull Ring where the Austrian Grand Prix is held. We spent a very enjoyable evening with him, chatting, drinking wine and local schnapps, and eating nibbles. Hopefully we won’t have hangovers as we plan to walk and perhaps test our via ferrata kit tomorrow.

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