Our last day… a relaxing one

This was the last proper day of our holiday as the next 3 days will be spent travelling home. It was a lovely morning, so we took our first morning brew down to the pier. The campsite was still quiet and we stayed for a while, enjoying the tranquility.

We’d booked an extra night and had to move pitch, so we couldn’t do much until after that. We had to check out of pitch 53 by 11.30, then move to pitch 133. As we were pottering around, tidying up, a lady with a couple of children came and walked onto our pitch saying they were coming on to it. I told her we couldn’t move until the people on pitch 133 had left, and that we should be off by 11.30. She disappeared but, at about 11 o’clock, when we returned from the office where we’d been to do the paperwork, we found they’d moved their caravan onto our pitch! So rude, especially as new check ins weren’t usually allowed until 1 o’clock! ‘Is it ok?’, she asked. We just shrugged, we could hardly ask them to move when we’d be leaving soon. Thankfully, the people on pitch 133 left in another 10 minutes and we were soon settled there with Bertie.

After lunch, we inflated the packraft and walked down to the lake. We left the busy area by the campsite… everyone seemed to be at the lakeside beach today… and paddled round the headland towards Strobl.

The water looked beautiful so we decided to moor up in a fairly quiet place and have a swim. The water was shallow at the edge but quickly became deeper, and a gorgeous green blue.

It was lovely and warm so we floated around for a while, watching the speedboats pulling water skiers, paragliders and people on rubber rings. We also saw a sea plane land on the lake.

After drying off in the sunshine, we continued our paddle towards Strob, enjoying the views, and watching the grebes with their babies.

I was hoping for an ice cream but we couldn’t find anywhere suitable to leave the packraft near the shop, so we ended up going further on to a small beach. The cafe there didn’t have good ice cream, so we had beers instead before returning to the packraft.

We had another stop for a swim on the way back to the campsite because the water and sunshine were just too good to resist. Then it was time to get back, dry all the kit, and get showers, as well as stowing everything away, ready to start our journey home.

As it was our last night, we treated ourselves to dinner in the rooftop restaurant at the campsite. It was a lovely warm evening, and lovely to sit outside, watching the sunset as we ate.

Today we drive up through Germany and will find a stellplatz for the night after about 6 hours, hopefully near Frankfurt. Tomorrow, we have another 6 hour drive to Hook of Holland for the ferry. Finally, on Sunday, we drive from Harwich, back home. I can’t believe our holiday’s nearly over. It’s flown by!

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