Packrafting on Hallstätter See

Yesterday we had a lovely day packrafting on Hallstātter See. I’d read that Hallstatt was a pretty place, with16th century alpine houses, so we thought we’d park up on the lake and paddle to see the town from the lake. I did fancy visiting the salt mines there too, but we didn’t get around to that.

John found a free parking place big enough for Bertie, right on the lake, with a suitable beach to launch from. We inflated the packraft and set off to Hallstatt, about 5 kilometres away. Not far from the start, we ended up crossing a shallow section and had to get out, but the water was lovely and warm to paddle through, and the packraft is so light it’s easy to drag.

As we paddled, we saw what we think might have been the Netherlands rowing team practising. They were speeding past us! Also, there were lots of little lakeside huts and chalets, and a girl was playing a violin as we passed one of them. Amazing what you come across!

In Hallstatt, John tied up the packraft and we jumped out to visit a cafe… large ice creams, an Aperol spritz and a beer were delicious in the sunshine. It was much more fun paddling into town, compared with walking or driving 😊.

After this, we weren’t ready to turn back so we paddled further down the lake to Obertraun. Once again we moored up… this time for lunch and beers… this trip was turning into a bar crawl! We watched the children playing in the lake as we relaxed.

Then it was time for the long paddle back. I must admit John did most of the paddling. I was doing around 50 strokes then needed a rest because my shoulders were aching. I’m definitely out of practice!

All in all the paddle was over 13 kilometres and we were paddling for about 3 hours, but the weather was fabulous for being out on the water so the day flew by.

Back at the campsite, we had dinner early because we fancied a sunset swim. The sunset wasn’t amazingly beautiful, but Wolfgangsee was lovely and warm once I got over the initial shock of the water. What a lovely, relaxing day. We’re hoping for another similar one today as it’s our last day before we head home.

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  1. That does look idyllic! we are in the last throes of winter here, with cold days being interspersed with hot winds preceding another cold front; so the thought of a swim in a warm lake is so appealing!

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