A wet and windy Pitlochry

It’s been a very wet day today, although we did manage to see the waterfalls at Linn of Tummel before the wind and rain set in properly. The river banks were extremely slippery with leaves and moss but, thankfully, neither of us fell in trying to get good photos!

Our next stop was Pitlochry Dam. When this was built across the River Tummel in 1951 a 310 metre long fish ladder was also constructed. This has 34 stepped pools, including 3 large resting pools, which are linked together by tunnels so that the salmon can bypass the dam and make their way up river to breed. We saw a poor salmon in one of the pools. It looked rather battered… I’m not sure breeding would be worth the effort!

Pitlochry is a pretty Victorian spa town. We didn’t spend much time wandering around though. I’m sure it’d be far more inviting on a sunny day but we headed straight to the pub for lunch.

Back at the campsite, warm and cosy in Bertie while the wind and rain swirl around, we’ve been planning some walks and trips for the next few days. Hopefully the weather will improve!

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