Waiting: Luxembourg trip day 1

I’m bored. I had very little work on today so I’ve had plenty of time to complete the final preparations for our holiday. After visiting my mum and dad at lunchtime, I’ve done the shopping, emptied the washing machine and dishwasher, watered the plants and packed the food into the van. Now I’m just waiting for John to get home from work.

A dreary day but the garden still looks lovely

We’re heading off on a 2-week trip to Luxembourg via Belgium. This evening, we’re looking forward to having dinner with our friends Nick and Ann in Northampton. Then tomorrow we catch the ferry from Dover to Dunkirk before heading to Tournai, where we plan to stay the night.

Bertie, almost ready to go

And while I wait for John, I’m trying to keep myself occupied by writing this blog, and refreshing my memory about our plans for Luxembourg. For such a small country, there’s so much to see! From castles over looking meandering rivers to forests, gorges and waterfalls. I hope we get some decent weather for hiking and cycling.

Anyway, John’s finally arrived home. I’ll make him a brew and do the final bit of packing, while he removes the wheel lock on the van and puts the bike on the bike rack. In half an hour we’ll be on the road… day one of our next adventure. Exciting!

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