Austrian adventures

I have a new camera and a new iPad so I thought I’d better do a practice blog to make sure everything will work ok once we hit the road. Good job I did. I took a few pictures of the van, no problem, but when I came to upload them to the iPad, of course, the connector is different! Luckily I managed a workaround by using 2 adaptors. Not ideal… but it worked!

Once I’d managed to upload the photos onto the iPad, the next step was to try and fiddle with them in the Lightroom app, which I haven’t used before. I didn’t do much… just a a bit of cropping and brightening… but the app seems really easy to use. The main thing I needed to find out how to do was to compress the images to upload them into the blog, which can often take hours (literally!) on dodgy mountain campsite wifi. This also proved simple to do in Lightroom. Result!

The preparation for the trip is going well. John’s been working hard on the list of jobs, while I’ve got my evidence summary written for work, and out for comment and checking in my absence. Last night we packed most of our gear into the van. It always amazes me how neatly and easily it all packs away.

No kayaks or bikes this year though, which helped, but still lots of hiking and running gear. We can’t wait to get out in the hills in the sunshine!

John is now out shopping for food for the first few days, then he’s going to mow the lawn and do the Airbnb changeover. We also need to empty the bedrooms as much as possible because Jean is coming in to paint while we’re away, as well as looking after Millie. Tomorrow we’ll finish off the last bits of housework, and pack the remaining bits and pieces… things like the camera, electrical gear and chargers; passports, paperwork, maps and guidebooks; the last few toiletries and the food. Exciting stuff!


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