And we’re off!

It's been a long day. I kept waking up last night… every half hour. I don't know why… too hot? Too achy after 5 gym sessions in 4 days? Excited? I don't know. Eventually it was a reasonable time to make a cup and tea and read for a bit.

Once it was time get up, the morning passed quickly enough…. Airbnb changeover, work, washing, and the last bits of packing and tidying up. Jean came round for a last minute chat about what she was doing while we're away, and I phoned my mum and dad for their latest news.

Finally, we said goodbye to Millie and left. I was a bit down…. worried about leaving her… worrying because she was poorly a week or 2 ago, and remembering losing Phoebe. I didn't feel as though I was on hoiiday… I was just tired.

The journey was tedious. Roadworks on the M6 meant we took an hour or more longer than expected. When we finally got through them, I snoozed for a bit. Embarrassing, according to John… lying back snoring with my mouth open! Maybe so… but I felt much better afterwards! We're on holiday!

We stopped off at Northampton to see Nick, Ann, Holly and Eddie… it's becoming an annual, enjoyable habit! We had a BBQ in the garden and exchanged news. It was lovely to see them… they're friends from uni days and we really don't see them often enough. And Eddie's cookies are the best!

Eventually it was time to leave. Now driving in the dark, we played the music loud, singing along to pass the time, and keep me awake. Thankfully Nick had advised us to pay for the Dartford toll in advance, otherwise we could have incurred a heavy fine. That would have been a lovely surprise to come home to… not!

We've now arrived at the Eurotunnel terminal. It seems they don't like you checking in more than 4 hours before you travel now, so we're booked onto an earlier train. Not to worry… I never sleep well here anyway. And an early start in France means quiet roads. Good night! 

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