A lazy day at the seaside

The forecast was good for today, and we’ve done lots and lots of walking over the last 4 days so we decided to have a lazy day today. We’ve been to the beach this morning. On the way met John and Jane who arrived on the same day as us. We enjoy their company, and they seem happy to put up with us, so we had a chat and a swim with them, plus we’ve booked to go on a boat trip with them tomorrow.

We sat on a beach bed at the Copacabana Beach Club. The hotel was closed for winter so there were no cushions, but we enjoyed it anyway. The sea was cold, but we all went in… even me! Well, I had to try out my new swimsuit and beach shoes, which I bought especially for this holiday!

We stopped for lunch on the way back to the guest house, then sat by the pool. John read while I edited about 100 photos from yesterday! By now the sun was dropping and nobody felt inclined to go in the pool. Although we were warm enough sitting on the  sunbeds, the water was cold and we’d have been cold in the breeze if we’d got wet!

This evening we’re going out for dinner… again! It’s a good job we’ve been doing 15-22,000 steps a day! Tomorrow we’re looking forward to the boat trip around 3 islands… except John’s worrying about sea sickness!


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