Delightful decals

I seem to have a bit of a thing going on with alliteration in these titles! Anyway, I thought I’d post about my coasters with decals, which are finally finished.

I’m quite pleased with how they look. It was quite a long process to make them. For these beach scenes, first I cut the tinted glass to make the sky, sea and sand, then I sprinkled some blue powder to make the sky and some turquoise and white frit to give a sense of waves. The coasters were then fired overnight in the kiln.

The next day, once the glass layers had fused together, I added the decals, squeezed the air from below them and left them to dry. After this, the coasters went back into the kiln overnight to fire the decals onto the glass.

The decals have faded a little and become more transparent. It’s a shame the starfish aren’t as obvious now but, overall, I think the decals work well. Please let me know what you think.

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