Playing with powders

Last week I tried using stencils with powdered glass. Unfortunately, although I love the stencil of the trees, the powder I used was too pale and didn’t stand out after firing.

With the coaster in the photo, I tried adding fusing an extra white piece of glass behind. This has worked to some extent, but the pattern of the trees still isn’t obvious enough for my liking.

This morning, with a similar piece, I’ve tried using darker colours on top of the existing pale blue and I’m currently refiring it. For that piece, I’ve had a go at stencilling 2 colours… cobalt blue for sky and jade green for land. I’m looking forward to seeing how it comes out of the kiln.

The kiln takes more than 12 course to heat up and cool down, so it’s always a long wait. The first thing I do in the morning (after having a wee!) is put the kettle on, then check my kiln. It’s so exciting to see if the fusing has worked well or not.

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