Welcome to LC Creative

Thank you for visiting my new project, LC Creative.

I hope you enjoy looking at my fused glass. It’s always good to know what people think of it, so please feel free to leave comments. Feedback and suggestions are welcome, as long as they’re kind and constructive.

My husband, John, treated me to a fused glass workshop with Cheshire School of Glass. I had a great time, making Christmas decorations, and soon booked another session. After thoroughly enjoying that, I decided to treat myself to a small kiln and set up a mini workshop in my garage. I’m now having great fun trying new techniques, working out how glass behaves and how my kiln works. Opening the kiln in the morning to see the newly fused glass inside is so exciting! I have butterflies in my tummy every time!

On this page, I plan to document my journey, learning to fuse glass, and I hope you’ll enjoy taking that journey with me. As I said, I’m very much a beginner, so I don’t really expect anyone to want to buy my glass yet. However, I’m working towards the future, planning an online shop for when my work has improved and I’ve learned more techniques. That said, if you would like to buy anything, or you’d like me to make something especially for you, please get in touch.

Thank you

Louisa x

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